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  • We have deep theoretical and practical knowledge of various energy storage technologies ranging from lithium ion batteries to liquid air energy storage (LAES) and how to integrate them into projects to produce the highest value at the lowest cost.

  • Our engineers have decades of experience designing and developing large scale renewable generation projects so they thoroughly understand their complex nature, challenges, and benefits.

  • MADA’s engineering knowledge of conventional power generation is equally strong, providing a context for how to manage the large-scale integration of renewable generation into the existing fossil fuel generation fleet.

  • MADA’s project analysis completely integrates financial and engineering considerations such that project financial backers can have complete confidence in expectations of project performance.

  • We have developed a unique “Hybrid Project” application, integrating wind and solar together to take advantage of their complementarities, with data-driven energy storage solutions that enable renewable generation to be both cost and performance competitive with natural gas generation.

  • Our MW-scale integrated renewable solutions are designed to be dispatchable, load-following resources, similar to natural gas generation

MADA Energie is the brainchild of one of the power industry's true visionary innovators, Arnold Goldman (1943-2017)

About MADA Energie

MADA Energie provides consulting and engineering services for large scale solar and wind renewable generation projects with integrated energy storage, to help facilitate the delivery of cost-effective, reliable, clean electricity. Now that the cost of utility-scale solar and wind energy has fallen below that of traditional generation, the need for expert knowledge to combine these sources with the right kind of energy storage and backup power to provide economical load-following renewable power is acute and will only increase in the upcoming years and decades. Our company is uniquely qualified to assist you in the clean energy transition in several ways:

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