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MADA can be used to address many energy storage challenges and needs that the electrical power industry is facing – by integrating energy storage solutions which:

  • Can be integrated with PV or wind generation facility to provide smoothing, load-shifting, and ancillary services.

  • Can be installed as a stand-alone project to provide the capabilities of Pumped Hydro Storage in terms of capacity, energy, load balancing and dispatchable power reserves, in addition to the needed voltage support and regulation.

  • Can be co-located with existing coal, nuclear, or geothermal plants to enable them to operate at full power 24/7 with the dispatch flexibility of a peaking power plant. 

  • Can be used by transmission and distribution companies to balance system load, alleviate congestion on transmission systems, defer transmission upgrades, smooth out intermittent generation sources and provide voltage support and regulation.

MADA offers analysis to identify unique combinations among existing energy storage techniques that deliver the best engineered solutions for the project at hand:

  • The cost range is understood and known within project contexts.

  • Customers can have confidence in the widely available, “off the shelf” products and devices.

  • Storage solutions that can provide, if necessary, fast energy discharge from chemical batteries, or the functionality of Pumped Hydro and CAES without their site, size and environmental limitations.

  • Solutions with charging flexibility: from either electrical (wind, PV, or off-peak grid power); and/or thermal (waste heat utilization from a simple-cycle gas turbine or other industrial processes).

  • Benefits of small environmental footprint – storage solutions that are compact, scalable, requires no water or fuel, and produces no emissions.

  • Site flexibility – storage solutions can be either sited at a load center, transmission congestion point, near a concentration of wind and PV generation, or retro-fitted to an existing simple-cycle gas plant or other waste heat source

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